Follow these basic power outage safety rules to stay as safe as possible if you lose power.


• Keep fridge and freezer doors closed to retain temperature.
• Wear layers of clothing to keep your body warm.
• Turn off and disconnect electronic appliances to avoid damage from power surges.
• Refer to manufacturer safety instructions when using generators and heaters.
• Make sure you have sufficient venting to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when using back-up power and heating equipment. Consider installing carbon monoxide detectors.
• Fill your vehicle’s gas tank ahead of a storm in case you need to leave your home.


• Purchase a generator without researching the type and wattage you need.
• Run generators inside your home or in a closed garage.
• Consume food that hasn’t been properly preserved at the necessary temperature.
• Burn charcoal or propane indoors.
• Use your oven as a source of heat.
• Leave heaters unattended.