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“Hi Shelley, I wanted to pass on my appreciation for Cindy Bundy and her thorough, thoughtful assistance this week.  Cindy has helped me with auto insurance in the past, but this week I needed to convert a builder’s risk policy for a new home to a homeowner’s policy with a quick turnaround time.  Cindy explained the process, coordinated with your agent handling the construction policy, found good coverage quickly, and got me set up.  She was very engaged and professional throughout, and I never had to wait for an answer.  Please know how much I appreciated Cindy’s help this week.”

“Hi Julie, Thank you for your advice.  I think I will hold off on the claim.  I don’t think $1,500 is worth ruining my claim-free record – especially since the rings taken were really irreplaceable. I think I will take your idea and visit Woonsocket. Also, please forward this email to your supervisor.  I want to thank you for all of your assistance the past few years.  You have answered countless questions promptly and thoroughly.  You did a great job researching new policies and rates for our auto and homeowners.  I am very appreciative of having such a resource.  Thanks again.”

You guys have always treated me great as a customer as well as a returning customer!”

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for a seamless and successful experience with my claim for the 2005 Toyota Corolla…..Jen Martin at Hanover helped me through each step of the claim process; always communicating what needed to be done….we never played telephone tag!She answered all my questions and she was most pleasant and extremely thorough….Again, I had such a positive experience…the expertise, efficiency and pleasant service I received was most appreciated.”

“Cindy (Stevens)…. Thank you for the quick response and I enjoyed your positive attitude and happy manor it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Mary, I have kept meaning to tell you how happy I was to meet you AND to thank you for the great service when you transferred the insurance for my car. I lost the card you gave me and just figured out how to contact you from the website. Many thanks. Happy Spring.”

“…More coverage for less premium.  Good job Chris.  Thank you so very much.  Please forward this email to your supervisor. – One Happy Customer”

Julie, Always great talking to you.  I wish other people in your position were as helpful, informative and curteous as you.  I so enjoy talking to you.”

“Dear Sirs, We have our car & home insurance with you.  Unfortunately I just lost my husband & had to straighten out finances.  Your employee Julie was a Godsend – patient, friendly – explained everything in my language.  We also had a few good laughs.  Please appreciate her.  I know, I was a nurse for 30 years – sincere thank you’s were few and far between.”

“To the Supervisor of Mary Kosiba, I am writing this letter regarding your employee, Mary Kosiba.  Mary went above and beyond to resolve a tough issue, on several accounts.  In each situation, she was kind and compassionate, saved me a lot of money and ‘aggravation’, and handled it with the utmost sensitivity.  Companies today need more employees like Mary.  She was a joy to work with and has made my experience with you a positive one.”

“Dear Gary,  (my wife) and I want to thank you for all your help with this accident claim and paperwork.  You are always helpful.  Thanks again!”

“I am sending you this email to commend your company on the excellent customer service provided by Cindy Bundy in your Fitchburg office.  I recently purchased a car from a dealership in New Hampshire, and the registration paperwork was handled by the dealership.  I contacted Cindy to inform her.  She expressed reservations about the dealership and the timeliness of their handling of Massachusetts registrations. She then ‘rode herd’ on the dealership, ensuring that they handled the registration in a timely manner.  This in spite of the fact that the individual in charge of such things at the dealership wasn’t one of the easiest persons to work with!  Cindy’s actions were the epitome of customer service!  I have been a client of Abodeely for many years – with Cindy as my contact, and thanks to Cindy, I’ll continue to be a client for years to come!”

“I recently worked with Theresa Chrul, Senior Account Representative, to switch my insurance from Travelers to Plymouth Rock.  I found Theresa to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and incredibly efficient, with outstanding customer service skills.  Not only did she save me money on my car insurance (which was initiated by her) but made the process of transition quick and smooth.  She made me feel like I was in good hands and confident in choosing Plymouth Rock.  Thank you!”

“I just wanted to take some time to send a personal note of appreciation concerning your employee, Cindy Bundy…I feel it is important to give praise and encouragement where it is due…It has indeed been a privilege with the way Cindy executes her tasks, above and beyond her call of duty.  I want to express that I feel she is an absolute treasure to Abodeely Insurance Agency and adds professionalism with a most excellent customer service.  Importantly she has expertise and knowledge, but amazingly she goes beyond with a selfless display of care and consideration for the customer’s best interests.  In recenet weeks, Cindy once again worked above and beyond to help my husband and me with our auto insurance…What an attitude of selfless leadership and compassion she portrays!  She is a credit to Abodeely Insurance Agency.  You have a precious jewel in your midst, a jewel of great value!”

“Glad to have a local person. My friend just changed to **an unnamed national carrier** and is having trouble with them already. When he calls customer service, he’s actually calling someone in the mid-west. They gave him an excuse that with all the companies coming from out-of-state, the Registry is bogged down and weren’t sure how long it would be to fix his problem.”

Cheap premium = cheap service/coverage

“I have **never** had such lovely, attentive service as I’ve received from you. I greatly appreciate your professionalism delivered with friendliness and caring.

I hadn’t realized before all the “ins and outs” of insurance. I can see that it is not just a matter of the lowest amount, but also of the coverage on a policy. Sometimes apparently a lower quote isn’t necessarily a good thing, if it doesn’t provide enough coverage! I am so glad to know these things.” – Phillipston, MA

“On December 18, I was involved in an accident at the intersection of Routes 140 & 70 in Boylston, MA. While the other driver (a 73 year-old Nun) was not cited, the Police Report clearly stated she was at fault for failing to yield in my right-of-way, and for not clearing the frost from her windshield. While my vehicle was insured, I did not have collision coverage, so I pursued the other driver’s insurance for resolution of my loss.

Throughout the ten-day period in which I tried to resolve this claim with Crawford & Co., (The Abodeely Agency) provided me with an understanding of the process I was going through and guidance for my interactions with the other driver’s insurance company.

On December 28, (The Abodeely Agency) left a message (with other insurance rep). Approximately one hour after leaving the message, the rep called me at home to let me know they had found their client 100% responsible and would be reimbursing me for the total loss of my vehicle.

While this experience seemed surreal at times, your calming assurance, consistent communication and follow-up affirmed that the added value I seek from an insurance agency that handles my auto and homeowner’s policies is immediately available when needed. I am confident that your organization fosters this type of “customer care” but I consider myself fortunate to have had you in my corner during this issue. I felt writing to recognize her for her effort and effectiveness was the very least I could do to show my appreciation. “
– Worcester, MA

A new Commercial client mentioned to us that even with a college degree, she could never figure out how insurance worked. Apparently her agent for the last 20 years had never taken the time to help her understand. After our Commercial Department transferred her to our Personal Department, and after spending time reviewing her personal home and auto policies she stated, “it was like an epiphany, having Chris explain in plain English what I was covered for. I’m very happy to have all of my insurance with you and that I have 2 great agents.” She subsequently transferred her personal insurance to us as well.

“Gary always responds in an efficient manner and goes out of his way to make sure that I have everything I need, even if I have to ask him more than once because I have forgotten!” – Billerica, MA