It’s a common question we get around this time of year.  Although we can’t tell youmotorcycle what to do, we highly suggest that you keep your bike registered and insured year-round.

There are several reasons to keep your bike “on-the-road”.

  1. It’s EASY.  In order to cancel your insurance, you have to cancel your plates and then go back to the RMV to get new plates when you want to insure it again.
  2. PEACE OF MIND.  Did you know that anything that can be registered (motorcycle, boat, atv, etc.) is NOT covered under your homeowners policy?  So if something happens to it over the winter (house fire, water damage, burglary, etc.), make sure your bike is covered from more than just the elements!
  3. We live in NEW ENGLAND.  The weather changes by the minute here and you just might want to take advantage of a beautiful, warm weekend.

If you’re still unsure what to do, give us a call and we can explain your options in more detail.