Every day, when we head out the door, we face risks – both big and small.  That’s life.  That’s why you work with us, to protect against those risks.

We certainly don’t take risks when it comes to our loved ones and strive to make sure everyone’s take care of.  That’s why getting life insurance makes sense, but we find that many of our clients think a Life Insurance policy is out of their budget from having done their own research online.  That’s why we wanted to let you know that online life insurance companies often use something called “simplified underwriting”.  To save time, it usually means no medical exam is required.  Instead, a limited number of health questions are asked, and then those responses are verified.  This means the steps are fewer and policies are issued much more quickly.  But for a healthy, young individual, this could mean paying more for a policy than he/she would if the life insurance was fully underwritten.

The good news is that Abodeely’s affiliation with Smith Brothers Insurance provides our clients with access to Life Insurance professionals who can work with you to get a policy that can fit in your budget and help give your family financial security in the event something were to happen to you.